Welcome to my web site. Please excuse the appearance as it is always in a state of perpetual beta. I want it to be useful, a place where you can find information about my current novel and where you can discover suggestions and ideas for future novels in the series, The God Wars of Ithir.

Ciarán, a young highland clansman, must fulfill a fateful and unwanted destiny: become the mythical Warrior of the Three Moons and lead a desperate search for an ancient weapon hidden in a city lost to the sight of men for three thousand years.

A thousand years have passed since the end of the catastrophic Raven Wars. Now the malevolent hand of Dark God again touches the world hunting for the Sunspear, a weapon of immense power forged by the Gods in the ancient past when they walked the world, warring among themselves.

In a desperate gamble to thwart the Dark God, the Goddess Danu sends Ciarán, who at best is ill-prepared, on a perilous quest: journey across the Forbidden Lands, the realms of the Dark God’s powerful Ring Lords, to find the lost Elven city of Gorias and claim the Sunspear before it falls into their hands. More by accident than design, Ciarán is joined in his quest by the one-eyed warrioress, Scáthach who trains him in the art of war; the mysterious Druid, Oisín, who sets him on the path to becoming a Psi’an, a user of the vast psionic power of the inner mind; and Danu’s tiny Priestess, Rillsong, who lays claim to his heart.

In the crucible of the Forbidden Lands, Ciarán learns the true price of being a Psi’an: the constant struggle he must wage against his dark side each time he uses the seductive power of his Psi, the vast psionic power of the inner mind. If his Darksoul gains control of his conscious mind, he will become a creature of the Dark God.

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